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Search Engine Optimisation

With every client we will discuss your requirements and propose a SEO soloution that will best fit your company or organisation.

We evaluate all our clients on an individual basis which means you will not have to pay more than necessary, if you have a niche website with relatively uncompetitive keywords we will not quote as much as very competitive keywords.


With all our campaigns we look at providing quick and long term results for the site.
Therefore we would typically optimise for a mixture of high competition keywords, that take longer to optimise but will provide large returns
on investment when they rank well, and low competition keywords that will generate smaller but quicker returns on investment.

Our typical SEO campaign includes:

Website Analysis
Current Keyword Rankings
Competitor review
Keyword research to identify the keywords best suited to your business
Optimisation of meta and description tags throughout the site
Optimisation of ALT Attributes
Optimisation of page titles
Optimisation of other HTML attributes that influence rankings (H1-H6 etc)
Development of XML and HTML sitemaps
Internal Navigation Optimisation
Robot Management
Monthly updates of content within your site to focus on revised keywords.
Article Marketing
Link exchange with relevant websites within your industryDirectory submission
Natural Link Building / Link Baiting
Social Media Optimisation
Social Networking